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What may seem like an opportunity, could be a deal that hurt you and your brand for a long period of time. It is essential that I have Janica-an attorney that is quick on her feet with a discriminating legal eye to protect me, my brand and my legacy.

  • Mike Phillips
  • Legendary saxophonist & Brand Jordan Ambassador

Upon becoming a client, I was extremely impressed with Attorney Cambell’s level of customer service, professionalism and thoroughness - from the initial consultation to the completion of my contracts. I would not only recommend this Law firm to my colleagues and associates, but I would also continue to use their service for my company’s legal business matters. - Host/Executive Producer of The Quiet Storm

  • Lenny Green
  • Nationally Syndicated Radio Personality

I have known and worked with Attorney Janica L. Campbell for over 10 years and she has assisted me with a wide range of legal matters. She is the only Attorney I think of in time of need as she is not only knowledgeable but, unlike most other attorneys she shows compassion and empathy with every situation. I feel like she puts her heart into her work, she truly cares! I am extremely satisfied with her services and will recommend her to anyone who has the need for legal assistance. If she doesn’t do it, she knows someone who does!

Odelia Parsell


I was introduced to Janica Campbell in 2008 through a mutual acquaintance, as I was looking for legal services. Throughout those years Ms. Campbell has provided nothing less than stellar professional services. I not only do consider Ms. Campbell my lawyer I also consider her a friend, If you’re looking for professional legal services I highly recommend Janica L. Campbell Attorney at Law.

  • David McCullough
  • Microsoft Acct Mgr. & Chef

We have worked with Janica Campbell for a number of years. I have always found her to be responsive, thorough and professional in all of our dealings.

  • Bryan Shobe
  • AFF Installations, Inc. - CFO
dr oscar.jpeg

As a former New York City Commissioner and Janica’s Supervisor I can personally attest that Janica is hardworking, dedicated to her family, craft and clients. Janica always goes above and beyond the call of duty to achieve her goals/mission. Janica is unmatched and is playing on a higher level than her peers!

  • Dr. Oscar Odom III
  • Ret. NYC Commissioner

Janica’s business acumen and attention to detail is superb! I am always confident that my best interests are protected.

  • Kevin Willis
  • NBA Champion & CEO of Willis & Walker

Since we engaged the services of Janica Campbell in 2007, we have been pleased with the level of service, the attention to detail, and the creative thinking in dealing with our legal issues. We have come to trust Janica Campbell with all of our legal matters. We believe that Janica could become an important part of the external professional team of any business.

  • Milton Kirby
  • President, Allied Logistic, Inc.

In the several years that I have known Janica, I have been impressed by her compassion, integrity, and empathy for others. Janica values her client’s interest and works diligently and effectively to meet and exceed her client’s goals and expectations. She demonstrates a keen understanding of the law and the ability to analyze complicated fact situations and apply the relevant law. Janica is not only a good attorney, but a good person. I am proud to count her as a colleague and as a friend. I heartily recommend her services.

  • Mark Kirchen
  • Attorney